Saturday, June 16, 2007

Will Scooter Libbey Go To Prison?

Well, I'm in the LGBT Computer Lab on Market and Octavia. I just told the lab person that something terrible happened (they like you to rent the computers for the 2nd hour & more for $5/hour): $175 was stolen out of my wallet last weekend. I'm still getting over the shock. No new clothes; I still don't have the BART fare to go to Berkeley tomorrow to get counseling and to register for the first day of the summer session of Berkeley City College. I'd like to visit Henry St. and the Long Haul, see B & Tina (I called Tina and she can't lend me more, tho I haven't told Jah), no restaurants, CD's, other bus rides for the job search etc., calling Laurie, etc., and more. This preacher was preaching, and when he was finished he picks up my wallet off the floor and hands it to me and says, "Is this yours?" I looked in it later and it was empty; there had been $175 in it--what was left for the rest of the month (before getting another job) of my SSI. A black man was mumbling something about "a handgun". I really didn't expect that. There was this New York Times ad in L.A.: "Expect the unexpected." So I guess I'll just have to wait until the 1st again. I put it down to the generalized climate of crime under the Bush regime: Hail to the Thief! Cheney's Chief-of-Staff, Scooter Libbey, got convicted by Republican federal prosecutor Fitzgerald Kirkpatrick of lying to the FBI, obstruction of justice, and perjury about outing CIA agent Valerie Plame about her husband Harold Wilson talking about Bush lying about the U.N. inspectors finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as a pretext for starting the failed war.