Monday, May 21, 2007


Welcome to EricAbrahamsonsBlogII! I'm sitting in the Berkeley College Library Computer Lab on Center Street near Shattuck Street near the downtown BART station in Berkeley, CA, and I'm happy and feelin' good, Praise The Lord!, Amen!, Hallelujah!, Hello Julia! The Chinaman next to me is squirming--must be one of them religious right fanatics. I'm gonna do him in:

666 The radio is playing:

When I was just a little young boy
Mama said, "You"ll never get far!"
Baby, baby wants a diamond ring
Go down to the jewelry store packin' a gun
Dupree said, "I'll pay this one off to you in lead!"
There's no wonder your reason goes bad
Jelly roll drive ya so mad.

Judge said, "Son, it's gonna cost you your life,"
Baby, baby gonna lose her sweet man
Dupree come out with a losin' hand
The judge said, "Son, I know your baby well,
But that's a secret I can't ever tell

First thing ya know your gonna pull that trigger
Some like their jelly, some like gold
Just to get baby a diamond ring.

He's still here
Doesn't understand a word of it, but he's still reading my brand-new blog.

Now they're playing "Mountains Of The Moon".
Fuck off and die.

Hey, Tom Banjo, fuck off and die.
All along, all along the mountains of the moon
Hey Tom Banjo, it's time to matter
The earth you through this time
The earth all through this
Down by the marsh king's daughter
Clothed in tatters always will be taught did you go
High-ho, the carrion crow, fol-de-rol, bend to me
All along, a

Jack Straw by Robert Hunter and the Grateful Dead

We can share the women
We can share the wine
We can share what we got of yours
Cuz we done shared all of mine.
Keep on rollin'
Just a mile to go
Keep on rollin'
My old buddy
You're movin' much too slow.

I just jumped the watchman
Right outside the fence
Took his rings, four bucks in change
Ain't that heaven-sent

Burns my ears to listen
Burns my eyes to see
Cut down a man in cold blood
Might as well be me!

We used to play for silver
Now we play for life
One's for sport and one's for blood
At the point of the knife
Now the die is shakin'
Now the time must fall
There ain't a winner in the game
He don't go home with all
Not with all.

Leavin' Texas
Fourth day of July
Sun so hot, clouds so low
The eagle filled the sky
Catch the Detroit Lightnin'
Out of Santa Fe
Great Northern, out of Cheyenne
From sea to shinin' sea.

Gotta go into Tulsa
First train we can ride
Gotta settle one old score
One small point of pride
There ain't a place a man can hide
Keep him from the sun
There ain't a bed to give us rest now
You keep us on the run.

Jack Straw from Wichita cut his buddy down
And dug for him a shallow grave
And laid his body down
Half a mile from Tucson
By the mornin' light
One man gone and another to go
My old buddy, you're movin' much too slow
We can share the women, we can share the wine.

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Jolynn Wall said...

HI. So what's new? Long time no see. So what do you do with yourself these days?